These amazing river maps show a hidden beauty of nature


Do you remember awesome population density map we’ve shared a couple of weeks ago? The same designer Róbert Szűcs created another map that focuses on the world’s river basins. His maps received an amazing attention in the US and there is a simple reason for that… They are beautiful.

Róbert is an amazing guy from Hungary who works on GIS projects to earn some money and then he goes to different parts of the world and works as a voluntary GIS analyst. Right now he left UK and works in Indonesia.

His inspiration comes from a simple topics like the population density or river sheds where the maps are traditionally quite boring. Róbert looked at these data from a different angle and he saw its beauty and potential. His projects are made with open sourced tools including QGIS and GIMP, as well as open data. For the sake of this project he gathered river data from EEA, WWF and USGS. The effect is truly stunning.

High resolution prints of the maps are available for purchase on Etsy where Róbert states that he has “a lifelong passion for beautiful maps”. And have absolutely no doubt that it’s truth.

rivers-in-south-americs-map-amazing-geoawesomeness rivers-in-africa-map-amazing-geoawesomeness rivers-in-europe-map-amazing-geoawesomeness

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