Geo Connect Asia 2024 – Malaysia outlook: Coastline and natural resources – JUPEM Department of Survey & Mapping

The interview from Geo Connect Asia 2024 with Colonel Norazlin Binti Pamuji from the JUPEM Department of Survey and Mapping Malaysia! Colonel Norazlin shares her expertise on the role JUPEM plays in providing geospatial information for the defense, security, and disaster management sectors in Malaysia. Let's discover how JUPEM leverages geospatial data in planning and management, and learn about the unique challenges of integrating data from air, land, and maritime sectors.

Geo Connect Asia 2024 | Young Geospatial Talent in Singapore | Roy Yuen | SLA

Interview with Roy Yuen - Senior Geomatics Manager at Singapore Land Authority An inspiring interview with Roy Yuen, a passionate Geomatics Manager at the Singapore Land Authority, filmed at the Geo Connect Asia 2024 event! Mr. Roy shares his journey into the geospatial industry, discussing his deep passion for geospatial technology, the valuable experience he has gained, and the unique challenges he faces in his current role. Roy also offers invaluable advice for aspiring geospatial professionals on how to carve out their own successful careers in this dynamic field. Whether you're a seasoned geospatial expert or just starting out, this interview is packed with insights and inspiration.

GCA 2024 | Developing geospatial knowledge | Dept. of National Defense, Philippines | Rommel Santos

Engr. Rommel B. Santos at GCA 2024 discusses how events like Geo Connect Asia enhance your understanding of the geospatial industry. In this session, Mr. Santos highlights the pivotal role of emerging technologies in transforming geospatial practices and their impact on real estate and daily life. Don't miss out on learning about the latest advancements in geospatial technology.

Geo Connect Asia 2024 | Embrace new technologies for the construction industry! | Thomson Lai | @AECOM

Interview from Geo Connect Asia 2024 with Thomson Lai, Managing Director, Digital at AECOM. Conversation with Thomson Lai shows the latest trends and developments in the construction industry and the dynamic Asian market. In this interview, we explore: ? The current state and future prospects of the construction industry in Asia. ? The role of embracing new technologies for staying competitive. ? How AI is transforming job markets and what it means for professionals in the industry. Whether you're a construction professional, tech enthusiast, or just curious about the intersection of technology and industry, this video is packed with insights just for you! Don't miss it!

Geo Connect Asia 2024 | Dream Project: the moving of a capital city – Nusantara case | Silvia Halim

In this interview at Geo Connect Asia 2024, we explore aspects of the ambitious project of relocating a capital city with Silvia Halim. Discover the geospatial challenges and opportunities in creating Nusantara, Indonesia's new capital. Learn how advanced geospatial technologies play a key role in this transformative endeavor. Geo Connect Asia is an eye-opener, providing a platform for industry professionals to exchange insights and experiences. Don’t miss this opportunity to stay ahead in the geospatial industry!

How do trade events help you gain knowledge? | Cherry Ann Yacat | @EramenMinerals | GCA 2024

In this talk, Cherry Ann Yacat from Eramen Minerals Inc. shares the benefits of participating in trade events, like Geo Connect Asia 2024. Check out how attending these events can enhance your knowledge, expand your professional network, and keep you updated with the latest industry trends and innovations. Whether you're a seasoned professional or new to the industry, learn how trade events can be a valuable resource for growth and development. You just can't miss these tips and experiences from one of the leading events in the geospatial sector!

Trimble Geospatial and Construction Businesses | GCA 2024 | John Whitehead | @TrimbleGeospatial

Interview with John Whitehead, Senior Director of Field Systems at Trimble. Mr. John Whitehead discusses customer needs, the dynamic Asia market, emerging trends, and new business opportunities and challenges in the geospatial and construction sectors. This conversation is part of the Geo Connect Asia 2024 event, highlighting Trimble's strategic insights and industry leadership. Hear from one of the key figures in the industry.

GCA 2024 | Latest UAVs Technologies | Stefan Hrabar @Emesent

The 3rd interview from Geo Connect Asia 2024! Mr. Stefan Hrabar, Founder & Chief Strategy Officer at Emesent, explains the latest UAV and SLAM technologies and their impact on the industry.

GCA 2024 | The evolution of UAVs in Malaysia | Tengku Erina Tengku Nasrudin @AECA

2nd interview from Geo Connect Asia 2024! Let's explore this time the development of the UAV industry in Malaysia. Tengku Erina Tengku Nasrudin, CEO @AECA, discusses the significant impact of drone technology and the evolving market demands. Read more about Geo Connect Asia:

GCA 2024 | Port & infrastructure development in Vietnam | Tran Phuc Minh Khoi @PORTCOASTCONSULTANT

What is Geo Connect Asia 2024? It's an event focused on the geospatial and location intelligence industry in the Asia-Pacific region. It brings together professionals, experts, and stakeholders from various sectors to explore the latest advancements, technologies, and applications in geospatial science. The 1st interview is with Tran Phuc Minh Khoi from Portcoast Consultant! Let's explore the advancements and challenges in port and infrastructure development in Vietnam. Insights about the latest projects and future plans that are shaping the this nation's economy. Don't miss this talk!

Bad Addresses Are Expensive: An Introduction to Geo Addressing | Carmen Adame & Colin Mattison

Time to learn about precise Geo Addressing with the first shot from our recent Geoawesome Meetup! Carmen Adame and Colin Mattison make an introduction to the topic and highlight its role in global logistics and insurance. Check how technologies like Precisely ID are paving the way for enhanced global connectivity and efficiency.

Geo Addressing: Why Bad Addresses Are Expensive | Mike Ashmore – Senior Director @PreciselyData

Ready for the 2nd part of Geo Addressing discussion? Mike's Ashmore's session promises to be a cornerstone, presenting the consequences of having an imprecise address. It's a huge chance to gain insights from a leading expert at Precisely!

EO Hub Survey Insights: The State of Earth Observation in 2024 | Discussion Panel

The second part of Earth Observation Trends 2024, where industry experts discuss the current state and impacts of geospatial technologies. Here you may learn invaluable perspectives from leaders like Julia Wagemann, Arnis Kadakovskis, and Jussi Koski, aiming to bridge gaps in the geospatial community and provide crucial insights into the evolving landscape of Earth observation.

EO Hub Survey Insights: The State of Earth Observation in 2024 | Aleksander Buczkowski

Let's explore The State of Earth Observation in 2024 with Geoawesomeness. Check out the first part from recent event featuring Aleksander Buczkowski unveiling the results of our Earth observation survey conducted with over 100 global industry professionals.

Revolutionizing Offshore Energy with SAR Technology | Erik Holtslag @Pondera

Offshore wind energy leverages aquatic turbines for higher, steadier winds, reducing land impact and emissions. Erik Holtslag of Pondera, with expertise in wind measurement and sustainable energy projects, promotes renewable solutions through innovative wind and solar initiatives.

Revolutionizing Offshore Energy with SAR Technology | Eshanta Mishra @Synspective

Offshore wind energy, utilizing turbines in water and satellite tech, offers consistent winds and minimal land impact, promoting a sustainable energy future. Eshanta Mishra from Synspective specializes in satellite technology for renewables, with a background in technical sales and project management in the AEC industry across Japan and Southeast Asia.

How browser-based mapping will change the way you work with maps

Join Loren Baxter, to understand how Felt designed the first internet-native mapping tool and why it’s about to transform the way you work with maps

Remote Sensing and GIS to Emergency Support, a multi-scalar approach

Sirio Modugno of World Food Programme shares details about how satellite data can be used for global food security

Top use cases for 30cm satellite data

Francesco Lacriola of Planetek Italia shares amazing use cases for 30cm satellite data

Overview of Pléiades Neo 30cm Satellite Data for Mapping

Vanessa Casals - Pléiades Neo Product Manager @Airbus Intelligence shared details about Airbus's latest 30cm constellation