YouTube geo search tool will let you find videos posted by your neighbours

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Have you ever wondered what your neighbours post on Youtube? Now there is website that allows you to check just that. Geo search tool is an open source project that allows you to search through millions of geotagged YouTube videos based on their location. In order to do that you simply put the address in the map search tool. You can also define additional parameters like search radius, and date ranges. In return you get a collection of videos from around sorted by time of an upload.

“It uses YouTube and Google APIs to generate location-based search results which are stack ranked by upload time. The code is open-source so that others can build from it.” we can read on the “about” site.

Interesting tool. It might not give you the most accurate results but still it can bring a little bit of “geo” into your youtubing. If you find any weird videos from your neighborhood, share it in the comments:).

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