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Talkbits – Location-Aware Voice Messaging App

New interesting idea, that connects the traditional sense of a cell phone with smartphone location-awareness. Zurich-based startup Talkbits is combining elements of a walkie-talkie location-based social discovery. The app allows users to discover people in their area, and send them voice messages via mobile app.

Talkbits, which will initially be available to users on iPhone and Android, will allow users to join local channels called “districts” in order to communicate with people around them. “It makes it simple for people to jump in on conversations going on around them. It also allows for people to communicate without accessing a keyboard” – said CEO of Talkbits Olga Steidl. Users will be as well able to create personalized social channels to privately communicate with other users.

The idea is interesting about it sound a little bit like something between on-line dating and Skype for neighbours. The service will be available from September for a pilot in several cities. Let’s see if users will buy it!

Source: Beta Kit

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Don’t let your bike be stolen – GPS Bike Tracking Device

There are 2,5 bikes stolen every minute only in US and Canada. From time to time I’m using my bike as mean of urban transportation and I’m addicted to all kinds of gadgets (preferably geo-related) therefore I’ve been trying to find a tracking device that could help me locate my bike if my bike-lock won’t be strong enough. I’ve been surprised that it was not easy to find anything.

I found just one device that is worth looking at, but anyway it looks like a cheap Chinese fake of a dildo (sorry for being rude). The SkyBike GPS Tracker is simple but pretty useful device. You insert the battery and the SIM-card inside it and you install it on a cycle fork of your bike. It’s equipped with a simple accelerometer, so when some it touching your bike you’ll be notified by sms and afterwords you can track the thief online with a basic and simple website.You activate and de-active the device by using a special pin that you can have together with your door keys.

The product is not anything fancy. There is no smartphone app which could be useful. It’s plain and easy but comments on web groups are pretty positive and this is the most important thing about it. It costs $150 without SIM-card included.


When talking about stolen bikes there is one really cool project in Canada where they use GPS equipped bicycle to track thief and promote bicycle safety.


source: SpyBike, To Catch a Bike Thief.

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