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New Apple Maps now available across US: What are users saying?

New Apple Maps review

Apple’s new map has richer details and better road coverage. Courtesy: Apple

Earlier this year, while previewing iOS 13, Apple had promised it would roll out the new Apple Maps – which the tech giant has built from scratch – to the entire United States before the end of 2019. Well, Apple has just made good on that ambitious promise by bringing updated Maps coverage to Central and Southwest US, completing the country-wide rollout. Other countries can expect this upgrade in 2020.

Powering the upgraded Apple Maps is a new basemap and high-resolution 3D photography that Apple has collected via aerial data and by driving for more than 4 million miles across the world. Apple Maps now offers features like ‘Look Around’ which gives users a 360-degree, panoramic view of cities; ‘Collections’ which allows users to share favorite restaurants, shopping marts, etc., with friends; and ‘Favorites’ which simplifies navigation to oft-visited places like home and work with a simple tap from the launch screen.

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But the features that have caught the attention of users go beyond these. For example, in several areas, Apple Maps show stoplights right on the map, giving crisp instructions like “Turn left after 2 stoplights” or “Take right after this stoplight” – arguably easier to comprehend than “In 200 feet, turn left.”

Many users are also enjoying the new 3D map overviews in Apple Maps.

However, some sharp-eyed users were quick to notice that the walking/cycling map data still leaves a lot to be desired.

Another point of contention for many has been that, unlike Google Maps, Apple still does not have a seamless solution for those who want to see the local business hours, reviews, or pictures of a place. Apple routes all review to Yelp, and even those cannot be opened within Apple Maps without downloading the Yelp app.

Have you used the new Apple Maps yet? We would love to hear about your experience in the comments!

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