Mapillary – the crowdsourced Street View start-up raises $8M


Mapillary is a Swedish start-up that created a service for crowd-sourcing map photos. Using smartphones or action cams users collect images that are combined into a collective street level photo view, something like an open, crowd-sourced Street View.

Today the company announced is has closed an $8 million Series A financing round. The money will be used to expand operations outside of Sweden, including a new office in San Francisco, as well as to hire more staff, specifically computer vision engineers that could build some more value out of the Mapillary database of 52M photos in over 170 countries. Jan Erik Solem – the co-founder of Mapillary commented:

“With this investment, we are in a great position to go all the way and realize our vision of visually mapping the world. We will be investing in more computer vision, more community activities, and keep improving the tools and services for our community.”

Last year the company developed a new technology that is taking multiple camera images of a single location from multiple angles, and it creates a 3D cloud point model of the reality. With the new resources, we expect to see even more awesomeness.

Congratulations to Mapillary team!

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