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Map of violence and threats to health workers during COVID-19

The number of security incidents affecting healthcare workers globally has increased during the COVID-19 pandemic. Incidents include the arson of COVID-19 testing facilities, the targeting of health workers on their way home from clinics, and violent responses to mask requirements.

The scale of the problem has been highlighted in an interactive web map. The user-friendly map aims to provide those concerned with the protection of health care with global insight into threats and violence against health care providers. This can then be used to support better protection measures. As such, the map promotes the aims of the Safeguarding Health In Conflict Coalition.

Screenshot of interactive web map entitled 'Attacked and threatened: health care at risk'

The map was developed by Insecurity Insight, a non-profit which works to examine threats facing those living and working in dangerous environments, and international humanitarian mapping charity MapAction.

It details 443 acts of pandemic-related violence and threats to health workers and services around the world since 1 January 2020, out of a total of 1,484 incidents. Because not all incidents are reported or recorded, the actual number is likely to have been significantly higher.

To create the map, MapAction’s volunteer team needed to consolidate the data available – which is often in indigestible formats and from multiple sources – understand the geographical context and visualise it. MapAction brought its considerable experience in humanitarian mapping, information management, and solution design to the project. The team ensured the information architecture is a stable platform that is easy to manage, while allowing for future adaptations and enhancements to be seamlessly integrated.

Christina Wille, Managing Director, Insecurity Insight, said, “We are working with MapAction to expand the map’s functionality and develop a similar tool for the education sector and other areas, as well as a map on security incidents affecting aid operations in Mozambique.”

The Mozambique aid security map is viewable here.

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Use your professional skills to save lives

4 MapAction volunteers in field clothing smiling to camera. Text reads MapAction's annual volunteer recruitment window is open to 25 July 2021. MapAction logoGlobal humanitarian need currently outstrips resources. Expert geospatial and data analysis can help stretch those resources for maximum impact. Many professionals want to donate their energy and skills to help.

MapAction is the bridge that enables them to do so effectively.

MapAction is a non-profit organisation that collaborates with partners around the world to help anticipate, prepare for, and respond to humanitarian emergencies.

We are a t team of around 100 people, mostly expert volunteers. We strive to ensure governments, regional, and local disaster management agencies and humanitarian responders have access to the information and analysis that they need to make key decisions, at the right times, to save lives and alleviate suffering.

We are always seeking improvement; developing new technologies and approaches to ensure the data, maps and tools that are essential in humanitarian crises are prepared ahead of time and made available as quickly as possible.

We are currently looking for specialists in Data ScienceData Engineering and Design.

We’re looking for motivated and skilled people to help enhance and strengthen our internal data infrastructures and flows; further develop our geospatial analytics and data science capacity; redesign some of our processes and tools to make our products and services more effective and human-centric, and provide first-class external support and advice to partners.

MapAction team photo taken outdoors in rural environment

What we offer:

  • A chance to put your skills to use to save lives and relieve suffering
  • Access to our unique and close-knit network, and the opportunity to work closely with a group of like-minded professionals from all types of sectors
  • A comprehensive and ongoing training programme
  • Opportunities to learn and develop new skills and leadership qualities
  • Opportunities to travel
  • All related expenses covered

Here’s a three-minute video that gives a flavour of what it’s like to be part of our team, as described by some of our volunteers:

You can find more information about volunteering with us here. The deadline for applications is 25 July 2021. As we value in-person engagement and training, we can currently only accept applications from people based in or near the UK. If you have any questions and would like to speak to one of the team, please contact us.
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