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10 best location-based apps for Apple Watch

Wearables, particularly smart watches have been around for at least two years but it seems that only after the recent launch of the Apple Watch the true revolution will start… don’t get me wrong… it will start not because the hardware is so great, but because Apple did what it does best, it created an ecosystem where developers can make a lot of money on selling good apps.

For those who are trying to figure it out – unfortunately Apple Watch don’t have build-in GPS. It uses positioning system of iPhone. We’re not happy about it but still it can be a nice interface for your smartphone’s sensors. So let’s look at top location-based apps which are available Apple Watch today in couple of categories.



The list starts with Map – the native Apple Watch mapping and navigation app. We all know that Apple Maps are not perfect… especially compared to Google Maps. But there are no signs that Google is working on a maps app for Apple’s smart watch. Anyway the app seems to be quite cool. What I like most is that the watch will tap you to let you know that you should turn.



Citymapper – the popular iPhone transit app was one of the first apps that was rolled out for the Apple Watch. The app provides you with the fastest routes to destinations via walking, driving and public transport. It also alerts you when you’ve arrived with a gentle tap.

Citymapper - Geoawesomeness


This app aggregates arrival times and directions for transit routes using historical and real-time data. It includes many means of transport: bus, subway, bike share, Uber and car2go.

Transit Apple Watch - Geoawesomeness



TripAdvisor is one of the most popular local search platform. It makes it easy to find the best hotels, great restaurants, and fun things to do, wherever you go.



Yelp is an online urban guide that helps people find recommended destinations based on the informed opinions and reviews of a community.

Yelp-Apple-Watch - Geoawesomeness


Booking Now is a wearable version of Booking.com service. It offers you a simple way to book the nearest relevant hotel in just one touch. It offer a selection of over 625,000 properties in more than 75,000 destinations from its parental platform which the biggest booking place in the world.

Booking Now Apple Watch - Geoawesomeness



Uber is a mobile app connecting passengers with drivers for hire. It’s operating in 50 countries and… and I guess that I don’t have to introduce it to anyone.

Uber Geoawesomeness



Runtastic is one of the most popular running and fitness apps. It offers a lot of cool workouts to choose from.

Runtastic Apple Watch Geoawesomeness


Nike + Running app is probably not the most popular among iPhone users but it has definitely the nicest user interface for Apple Watch. Check it out:

Nike + Apple Watch Geoawesomeness



Geofency is automatic location-based time tracking which allows you to analyse and manage your daily habits in a cool and convenient way.

Geofency-Watch- Geoaweosmeness

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TomTom Bandit – new action cam with GPS. Better than GoPro?

Today big surprise from TomTom. The Dutch navigation solutions provider announced TomTom Bandit – new 4k action camera which makes really great impression… well actually it seems like the best action cam on the market. GoPro sounds not that cool any more.


The Bandit camera’s 16MP sensor shoots 4K as well as 1080p footage at up to 60fps and 720p at up to 120fps. It rocks slow mo (1080p/720p) and timelapse (4K/1080p). Bandit is the first ever camera to come with a built-in media server, eliminating the need to download footage before being able to edit it. Moreover it features GPS, motion sensors, microSD and USB 3.0. as well as Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connectivity. TomTom promises minimum 3h of battery life with 1080p videos.


TomTom is known for its high-quality hardware design and it seems to be the case also with Bandit. The materials make a really good impression. It looks like it will survive a lot of adventures. It is also completely waterproof, eliminating the need for an additional bulky cases. Looking at the demo footage it seems that optics handle really well various conditions.


tomtom_bandit_hero_image_loresBut where Bandit wins with the competition is neither hardware nor the optics. It’s the ecosystem of the device, its firmware and the accompanying app. TomTom found a way to tackle the old problem of moving around huge video files. Typically you would have to connect your GoPro to your TV in order to view the videos and then transfer tons and tons of footage to your computer. Then you just have to dig through to find the most awesome moments and edit it into something you can show to friends or share on YouTube. It’s a really long way to go.

TomTom has manage to find a way to make the process much simpler. First of all the cam uses a whole bunch of sensors, including GPS, gyroscope, pressure meter and accelerometer to automatically find the action in your video. It can also use additional devices like  a heart rate sensor to detect the most interesting adrenaline boosting moments of your day. There is also a separate wrist band with a button to mark interesting moments manually.


But that’s not all. As mentioned earlier the camera features a built-in media server which allows for displaying the images via the app, while the footage physically stays in the memory of the camera. The apps also allows for editing the videos, which is really cool as the actual processing happens on the camera, but it’s triggered from the app. And it’s really cool.


With Bandit TomTom is adding simplicity on a sport camera market where the growing quality of the footage has become a problem in itself. GoPro is known for its great marketing but frankly speaking I think that instead of upgrading to a new GoPro I would actually go for a Bandit and I will. We will review one for you as soon as we put our hand on it.

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